The *RAREST* Skins in Fortnite!

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Pred mesecem

Today we gathered the RAREST skins in Fortnite... except Aerial Assault Trooper because... you know.

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Ahmad Aqad
Ahmad Aqad Pred 6 urami
Lachy is getting cracked with the snipes and builds,and edits sheeeeeeeeeesh
Samar Khaznadar
Samar Khaznadar Pred 9 urami
Who heard him say wenegade waider when he got the skin
Kudzanai Madzwanya
Kudzanai Madzwanya Pred 17 urami
The raygun is in weeping my fav utuber
Shinyhunt Pokémon go
Shinyhunt Pokémon go Pred 17 urami
Omega is not rare
blu adams
blu adams Pred 17 urami
YNW_ARTIC Pred 20 urami
Ryan Bre
Ryan Bre Pred 22 urami
The disastrous appeal generically open because marble secondly try below a tawdry ketchup. rotten, shrill segment
numie Pred 23 urami
The ray gun is next to boney burbs
BmanGaming 123
BmanGaming 123 Pred dnevom
Rip black knight no longer being OG
ItzNikolas Pred dnevom
Omega 🥶🥶🥶
Sand Box Sawyer
Sand Box Sawyer Pred dnevom
Ok omega is not rly a og og skins but whatever idk
Casualclinton Pred dnevom
I am quite sad as I had purple omega but then I merged my ac back then because my friend convinced me I would never play the “horrible” game ever again and now I don’t have it
C D Pred 2 dnevi
3:22 he shot k threw a wall. : you mean ramp
Ethan Nadauld
Ethan Nadauld Pred 2 dnevi
Too easy
Scp in me
Scp in me Pred 2 dnevi
Hey Lachlan zyg spawns in weeping wood some times
Charlie Roberts
Charlie Roberts Pred 2 dnevi
I have the fresh emote isn’t it rare?
dustin McCOrmick
dustin McCOrmick Pred 3 dnevi
Omega skin, with the lights????? What's so rare about the lights on?????????? THERE JUST LIGHTS!!!! WHATS THE DEAL??!?!!?!?!?!?
DiamondVlogz_ Pred 3 dnevi
why does in the end it shows that he uses controler? is he cheating? idk it seem sus to me
Yesenia Armendariz
Yesenia Armendariz Pred 3 dnevi
You should’ve used the minty pick axe
Tunxra Pred 3 dnevi
Lachy: I should’ve not lost that Also Lachy: *misses his pump shot*
Tyron Hicks
Tyron Hicks Pred 3 dnevi
noooooooooo lachy u side graded ur spaz lol
Cliffard Mayo
Cliffard Mayo Pred 4 dnevi
I just saw this video and realized that this was made on my birthday
_ Burro
_ Burro Pred 4 dnevi
Bruh I used to have rambunctious but I lost my account 😞
Lucas Curzon
Lucas Curzon Pred 4 dnevi
Lachy: Im turning by purple spaz into a lever Me: God no don't
Alspawn Pred 4 dnevi
Have you ever seen a mecha team leader skin?
Daniel Richter
Daniel Richter Pred 4 dnevi
is omega actually rare?
Ewoks are gonna get you
Ewoks are gonna get you Pred 5 dnevi
My favorite skin in the whole game is a skin I’m never gonna get: the dark voyager
PewaLuvsCookies Pred 14 urami
Omega 4 me :(
dustin McCOrmick
dustin McCOrmick Pred 3 dnevi
My favorite skin is the fusion. But same here
Moises Pred 3 dnevi
Black night for me
altohaire Pred 5 dnevi
I was the person who killed him when he was on the black knight
r y a n
r y a n Pred 5 dnevi
13:05, 13:44
Himank Sharma
Himank Sharma Pred 5 dnevi
They moved the ray gun guy down near the launch pad near aftermath
Professor Pred 6 dnevi
Mr Caton
Mr Caton Pred 6 dnevi
World warrior is underrated it hasn’t been seen in 727 days it’s only been seen 1 time In the item shop and epic confirmed that it’s never coming back
Imadh Ilham
Imadh Ilham Pred 6 dnevi
What about the ikonik skin
K Mo
K Mo Pred 6 dnevi
I’m sorry but I hate you you are literally so toxic to some people and called them Nubes it’s not right
Tammy Bawden
Tammy Bawden Pred 6 dnevi
ZYG can spawn in weeping woods
Gaming Pro
Gaming Pro Pred 6 dnevi
Fun fact- Lachlan uses music for us not to hear him rattling his keyboard
The Flossing Ninja
The Flossing Ninja Pred dnevom
He does?
abraham cunanan
abraham cunanan Pred 2 dnevi
This is fun
Gaming Pro
Gaming Pro Pred 3 dnevi
@Jana Sleiman yea
Jana Sleiman
Jana Sleiman Pred 3 dnevi
Wait that makes sense but that is good he cares about us
ryan bruns
ryan bruns Pred 7 dnevi
i am bad at the game
ryan bruns
ryan bruns Pred 7 dnevi
hello lachy i have your skin
Leanne Lucas
Leanne Lucas Pred 7 dnevi
What is worse the slony rifle or mythic dualies
Benjamin Thacker
Benjamin Thacker Pred 7 dnevi
Why didn’t you use aerial assault trooper…….
tvkeneth Pred 7 dnevi
didn't watch this guy for a year and he didnt get better at all
XXkiller Killer
XXkiller Killer Pred 7 dnevi
Mandy Rich
Mandy Rich Pred 7 dnevi
i love your vids
April Fowler
April Fowler Pred 7 dnevi
You are a bot
Ritz Is Epic
Ritz Is Epic Pred 8 dnevi
Lachlan, how does your face am change with your health and kills, I’m honestly curious?
Cosmic for Fun
Cosmic for Fun Pred 9 dnevi
17:58 what was he supposed to do, build?
Thewalking Bubble
Thewalking Bubble Pred 9 dnevi
it’s pronounced Ha-ch-ivat, it’s based on a Turkish fictional character
FeaR_Fortbaseyt Pred 9 dnevi
Wenegade waidaa
Further Pred 9 dnevi
Everyone, the mythic pulse rifle is worse in EVERY single way than the stark rifle at the lowest rarity. The stats have been checked. Overall, the stark rifles were better
sullylikesmemes Pred 10 dnevi
Shouldn’t the omega be replaced with reaper skin from season 3 cuz I have omega it ain’t that rare tbh
VPR Euwy
VPR Euwy Pred 10 dnevi
what art recon expert\
_racksinmytote Pred 10 dnevi
3:22 OG skin with an OG excuse
Exalted Farmboy
Exalted Farmboy Pred 10 dnevi
omega :)
Real Eminem
Real Eminem Pred 11 dnevi
I want hacivat to come back it's my favorite skin I'm eminem btw
Adeev Dwivedi
Adeev Dwivedi Pred 11 dnevi
Lachy did they get rid of the xyz and choppys ray gun?
Sun Pred 12 dnevi
isn’t he in weeping?
Ross creations
Ross creations Pred 12 dnevi
When this video was made the skin was in the shop 929 days
Yasmin Deleon
Yasmin Deleon Pred 12 dnevi
Arsalan Qureshi
Arsalan Qureshi Pred 12 dnevi
It was all in order but not the purp
Ciara Binnington
Ciara Binnington Pred 12 dnevi
I got every rare skin in the game
CHIPZ '-' Pred 12 dnevi
Anyone know what wrap that its
Sør Cup Fotballfestivalen på Sørlandet
Sør Cup Fotballfestivalen på Sørlandet Pred 13 dnevi
Wenegade vader?
Cometz Pred 13 dnevi
I've not played this game for so long when you went past legendary rarity I was confused
BlakHat Gamer
BlakHat Gamer Pred 14 dnevi
15:50 Thats was Lachy
Wali Farzana
Wali Farzana Pred 14 dnevi
His where on 4:49
Kate Pred 15 dnevi
What the heck is spaz 😅
Jacob Hess
Jacob Hess Pred 15 dnevi
How come people say getting the omega lights is rare it wasn’t even that hard
rgh Esn
rgh Esn Pred 11 dnevi
it was I played everyday and didn't even get carbide lights
King Pred 15 dnevi
Who wants Lachy to play warzone 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
R.E.D.S Pred 15 dnevi
At 5:18 are we not gonna talk about how he was emoting?
R.E.D.S Pred 15 dnevi
What about tart tycoon?
wim Pred 16 dnevi
Max omega is more rare then black light
Game’s I play
Game’s I play Pred 16 dnevi
The mithic ray gun moved to weeping woods main house
MemeLover Pred 16 dnevi
Omega is rare?
rgh Esn
rgh Esn Pred 11 dnevi
With the colors normal omega is not but max is
MET WEATBALL Pred 17 dnevi
The rules should be you can only use grey pistol until you get the rarity you can use
Eric Lynch
Eric Lynch Pred 17 dnevi
Where was he when there was all the legendary chest I haven’t played this new season can anyone tell me
Gaming rocket
Gaming rocket Pred 17 dnevi
why did he craft the scar into an aug this idiot
Gaming rocket
Gaming rocket Pred 17 dnevi
i am sorry i did not want to be mean
ANGRY LATTE Pred 18 dnevi
1v1 you
ANGRY LATTE Pred 18 dnevi
Lachlan i want to 1v11
Marius Jacota
Marius Jacota Pred 18 dnevi
And 2900000 parashutes
Marius Jacota
Marius Jacota Pred 18 dnevi
And I got 39000 🪓
Marius Jacota
Marius Jacota Pred 18 dnevi
Bro i got 20,000 skins in fortnite
Harley Morris
Harley Morris Pred 19 dnevi
Does anyone remember the rocket ride emote
BEASTFJB Pred 19 dnevi
I wish I had renegade raider you’re so lucky
Random Daniel
Random Daniel Pred 19 dnevi
wheres my max omega gang at?
Mr Yoshi
Mr Yoshi Pred 19 dnevi
Mirage Pred 20 dnevi
Aerial assault trooper: rainbow loot
John Murphy
John Murphy Pred 20 dnevi
They don’t watch u because is a rare skins is because you have your back bling on
AJ :D Pred 20 dnevi
one game i spent 2.5k gold on upgrading from a common pump to a gold pump, 5 more minutes into the game... Fortnite crashed
Mighty Playz
Mighty Playz Pred 20 dnevi
He forgot sparkle specialist
Rexaboy 123
Rexaboy 123 Pred 20 dnevi
Random skin challenge but skins determine vehicles to use.
Rexaboy 123
Rexaboy 123 Pred 16 dnevi
@MooMaDoodle private account yes it is a bit stupid but the idea is that he stays in the vehicle the whole game
MooMaDoodle private account
MooMaDoodle private account Pred 19 dnevi
That's dumb
ELM _ CJA Pred 21 dnevom
Wenagade waider
Moscobarr Pred 21 dnevom
Hacivat is normally a theater played every Ramadan in the old times of the Turks, but it is played with puppets.
GYWDBHDHDQS Pred 21 dnevom
Wtf Lacey has renegade
Jackson Merendino
Jackson Merendino Pred 21 dnevom
Me getting 14 kill dub being happy Lachlan getting 14 kill dub not even noticing
Mari Uribe
Mari Uribe Pred 21 dnevom
Lachlan be calling other people ur not even good when lmao his skills are just as bad as an ai but it’s ok to suck :/
Mari Uribe
Mari Uribe Pred 21 dnevom
Lmao clix said he was trash LOL
JMPROJECTS321 Pred 21 dnevom
why are you so bad dude??
Alison Naylor
Alison Naylor Pred 21 dnevom
Wheres the ariel that's the most og skin ever
Chiken EU
Chiken EU Pred 21 dnevom
that skin that wasn't in the shop for 1k days is gonna become the new recon expert only to be re released and bought by everyone
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