The *RANDOM* RAINBOW Boss Challenge! (Season 7)

  Ogledi 711,323


Pred 25 dnevi

Today we're flexing our max level Season 7 skins with a Random Boss Challenge!

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piece1 Pred 11 urami
Hayes JOSEPH Pred 20 urami
It's OK but my cousin is cracked with it!!!
Reign King
Reign King Pred dnevom
I use Lachy in the fortnite item shop please gift me something I beg.
Reign King
Reign King Pred dnevom
Lachy is the best SLus and he has the best icon skin and the other SLus and Lebron
Reign King
Reign King Pred dnevom
Or you can do Bublogs
Reign King
Reign King Pred dnevom
My name is roblog13
Reign King
Reign King Pred dnevom
Friend me Lachy
Reign King
Reign King Pred dnevom
Lackland is my favorite SLus then Typical Camer and Ali A and Mr.Beast.
Reign King
Reign King Pred dnevom
Praween Prakash
Praween Prakash Pred 2 dnevi
The ray gun is so good It takes damage
gamer Anime
gamer Anime Pred 2 dnevi
Stormaggedon100 or icealfie09
gamer Anime
gamer Anime Pred 2 dnevi
Lachlan can u add me and gift me the Lachlan bundle my favourite icon SLusr
William EL HACHEM Pred 3 dnevi
that afterburner music in tthe background is soo clean
Baarav Para
Baarav Para Pred 3 dnevi
she selled ray guns because she was actually an alien in disguise. Aliens in disguises sell ray guns. And also it doesn't happen all the time. So she still sells pumps.
Annalize Lombard
Annalize Lombard Pred 4 dnevi
Can you please send me your skin on fortnite pleeeeeease????
Ayma Gg
Ayma Gg Pred 4 dnevi
You are the most bad player in the history of fortnight
Ayma Gg
Ayma Gg Pred 4 dnevi
Plus a season 8 player can clap you
sonni morris
sonni morris Pred 4 dnevi
My name called sonni
Raquel Genaro
Raquel Genaro Pred 4 dnevi
I got rain bow zyg only
Mason Chiasson
Mason Chiasson Pred 4 dnevi
I tried the same challenge and it was really hard
Atsuko Gourlay
Atsuko Gourlay Pred 4 dnevi
I use your code lachy
Flow_YT Pred 5 dnevi
Lonely Pred 5 dnevi
Fire vid idea bro 🔥
Jeremias Palacio
Jeremias Palacio Pred 6 dnevi
90% of the video is Lachy getting shot in the air
Kj Harmon
Kj Harmon Pred 6 dnevi
Lachlan: I want both of you!! Me: GET THE HELL AWAY FROM AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA NOO NOO NOO NOO man had aimbot
Jacked Jake
Jacked Jake Pred 6 dnevi
I’m going to try this challenge, even though I don’t have any rainbow skins, and I’m on track with gold, I’ll do silver. But the same challenge
Shadow Pred 6 dnevi
I'm lvl 215 or 216
Matt Neaville
Matt Neaville Pred 8 dnevi
Lachy can I 1v1you plz?
Real Madrid Legend10
Real Madrid Legend10 Pred 8 dnevi
It’s ok
Sploosh 2011
Sploosh 2011 Pred 9 dnevi
The gun is really good!!
nicholas josephsen
nicholas josephsen Pred 9 dnevi
The Ray gun is kind of good
Meghan Tucker
Meghan Tucker Pred 10 dnevi
love ray gun is nice
Margot Pugh
Margot Pugh Pred 12 dnevi
The detailed leather immunocytochemically sail because degree understandably manage worth a five brown. legal, hurt crib
Scrumdiddlyumptious Pred 12 dnevi
All MPCs turn into aliens but when you talk to them in another match they will do the normal offers
George Simkins
George Simkins Pred 12 dnevi
InvEntory spots
ETHAN LOH HONG RUI Moe Pred 12 dnevi
the best way to kill docter slone is to hide under the stairs
Unlistd Games
Unlistd Games Pred 12 dnevi
Lachlan: I’m level 212 I’ve been grinding a bit Me: A BIT!!
FaZe yoda
FaZe yoda Pred 12 dnevi
Lachlan Rick drops a pistol to
MigPlayz Pred 12 dnevi
Yes im MIFO Most Intense Fortnite Og
mmcguire75 Pred 13 dnevi
it is okay
MyLes ALot
MyLes ALot Pred 13 dnevi
i love the ray gun
Lil_BurntPoptart Pred 13 dnevi
1:28 Viewers: Lachlan saying: u r not rainbow unlike me I am very rainbow. No one: me u r not gay unlike me I am very Gay lol
UR MOMs child
UR MOMs child Pred 13 dnevi
You are my favorite SLusr
UR MOMs child
UR MOMs child Pred 13 dnevi
Not caping
mohaammad akram ali
mohaammad akram ali Pred 13 dnevi
Ilove ray gun dude
Fortnite gamers
Fortnite gamers Pred 13 dnevi
Lucky you’re the best at Fortnite
FAD3D _ Pred 14 dnevi
Hey Lachy,im a controller Oce player and I think it would be a fun video to 1v1/wager a controller player I’d call myself rather decent so if we could look into it check out my Twitter @FAD3D15
Sleepykeys Pred 15 dnevi
The ray gun is soooo good
Jett Bryant
Jett Bryant Pred 15 dnevi
hey lachy
Nicole A
Nicole A Pred 15 dnevi
lachy: ziggy mate is not rainbow unlike me me: i am rainbow too lachy 💅🏼
Evanination1234 Pred 15 dnevi
I got back to back dubs with the raygun
Quinn Farnan
Quinn Farnan Pred 15 dnevi
There good for far range smg
TKO Oth6340
TKO Oth6340 Pred 16 dnevi
I hate the ray guns they are so annoying when get boxed
SerenixFN Pred 16 dnevi
When Lachlan asked how we thought of the ray gun, I thought of how O.P. the ray gun would of been in tilted town.
Gacha_boba Pred 17 dnevi
Ray gum means alien
Parathking 54
Parathking 54 Pred 17 dnevi
Ray Gunn is ok
Mark Leslie
Mark Leslie Pred 17 dnevi
Love the video
Tyler Warden
Tyler Warden Pred 17 dnevi
Lachlan: I’m very rainbow Me: 😂😂
Alexqv Pred 18 dnevi
can eveyone respect how he put the healt on his face cam it must take forever big respect my guy
Aaron Seo
Aaron Seo Pred 18 dnevi
i love the mythic ray gun
death crow
death crow Pred 18 dnevi
Fortnite community is dead
Marvin Ulerio
Marvin Ulerio Pred 18 dnevi
Double spaz. = no same place in slots\ mabye :/
XxReflx Pred 18 dnevi
Wise words:Let me eat my banana in peace.
Mailcs06 Pred 18 dnevi
For some reason there’s tons of alien parasites in the basement of the Durr Burger. I think they might be making alien meat burgers. 0-0
Memes For Grandma
Memes For Grandma Pred 18 dnevi
Lachlen just flexing
Ahmed Mansour
Ahmed Mansour Pred 19 dnevi
'Lachlan: 'I am level 212” Me: playing fortnite a lot and still on level 49
Dreamy Pred 4 dnevi
I am on 37 lol
GOATED PUG Pred 5 dnevi
I am on 189
Beema Shareef
Beema Shareef Pred 15 dnevi
Me still on 76 😞
colton cortinas 876
colton cortinas 876 Pred 19 dnevi
In fortnite
colton cortinas 876
colton cortinas 876 Pred 19 dnevi
And i own your skin
Billy DePietro
Billy DePietro Pred 19 dnevi
do pixelmon again
neighborhoodsports Pred 19 dnevi
My real name is Lochlan
ITzLayton 316
ITzLayton 316 Pred 19 dnevi
Lachlan Bro U were chasing me! I was the fe4rless skin! In the truck bro!!!!! GG
Louie Ricotta
Louie Ricotta Pred 19 dnevi
Amber Krause
Amber Krause Pred 20 dnevi
Put your skin back in the item shop plz it looks so cool and I am new so plz put it in
Sam Barker
Sam Barker Pred 20 dnevi
It is cool
Ross Family
Ross Family Pred 20 dnevi
Bro no cap Lachlan better than me on key board but on controller im a god🌚🌝
x x
x x Pred 20 dnevi
Who’s here after England lost in the euros final?
Faze YOUTUBE khxvsp
Faze YOUTUBE khxvsp Pred 20 dnevi
David Krestyn
David Krestyn Pred 20 dnevi
he doesso many of these
Mar Cooper
Mar Cooper Pred 20 dnevi
TSwagRawr Pred 20 dnevi
Dude ufos end game are the worst
Comparison Foods
Comparison Foods Pred 21 dnevom
Love the content! Great Job with The Vid! ❤️
MC Squad
MC Squad Pred 20 dnevi
Hi this is Matthew
Thriller203 Pred 21 dnevom
Y rainbow
RuedaYT Pred 21 dnevom
10:16 As Lazarbeam once said "I WANT 5 OF EM"
Thalia Heron
Thalia Heron Pred 21 dnevom
I have your lauclon skin
Shane Jefferis
Shane Jefferis Pred 21 dnevom
Lachy: I have finally unlocked all of the rainbow skins Me: I will never unlock all of the rainbow skins
Becky May
Becky May Pred 21 dnevom
Lachy in chapter 2 season 8 you skin will be a year old😃p.s I bought your skin
Akaih Wuttunee
Akaih Wuttunee Pred 21 dnevom
gold and mythic ray gun shred never seen anyone use a purple ray gun
King Mack
King Mack Pred 21 dnevom
Power Player321
Power Player321 Pred 21 dnevom
ray gun= op
itruglia isa t
itruglia isa t Pred 21 dnevom
George Lynch
George Lynch Pred 21 dnevom
I’m level 221
Mark Pred 21 dnevom
Lachlan ai play the game e bit e bit o you min e lot
paul martinez
paul martinez Pred 21 dnevom
Y does Lachlan pwr thing turn red
paul martinez
paul martinez Pred 21 dnevom
It’s nice that the pump is back
paul martinez
paul martinez Pred 21 dnevom
I love ray gun
HP FAN ⚡️👓
HP FAN ⚡️👓 Pred 22 dnevi
2:50 that’s what she said. 😂
sajla faizal
sajla faizal Pred 22 dnevi
Bro canny play slime ranger again pls
Soviet pikachu
Soviet pikachu Pred 22 dnevi
Lachlan has been grinding on xp and people jeez
Isaac Yarullin
Isaac Yarullin Pred 22 dnevi
Lachlan I need a win thanks
TM Macon
TM Macon Pred 22 dnevi
Do pulse rifles only
Segun Lewin
Segun Lewin Pred 22 dnevi
Anyone wanna buy a fortnite account
Xavi-Crafts Pred 22 dnevi
*i played the game a bit*
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