The *RANDOM* GLIDER Skin CHALLENGE In Fortnite Battle Royale!

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Welcome to the Random Glider Skin challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale!
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SCB &MX Pred dnevom
U past the purple lmg
Mongo Pred dnevom
this = better
Sas Sassa
Sas Sassa Pred dnevom
I'm bored
itsLilAkbro✅ Pred 3 dnevi
Dang lachan is just suoer fun to watch im glad he has own skin
Avery Bickel
Avery Bickel Pred 3 dnevi
Pov: your watching this in chapter 2 season 8
lockgaw Pred 4 dnevi
Who watching this in 2021 as well
G_freeze34 Pred 5 dnevi
Whats Petuna
Veneanu Pred 7 dnevi
this was made on my bday
Caden Kinchen
Caden Kinchen Pred 11 dnevi
This man said imagine if that was a scar there when there was 9:47
Lacey Crabtree
Lacey Crabtree Pred 19 dnevi
It was a scar
Susan Chan
Susan Chan Pred 20 dnevi
Old lachy: wears renegade New lachy: wears lachy skin
Lawment Pred 23 dnevi
man i miss this
Andy Marohl
Andy Marohl Pred 26 dnevi
can u please add me so we can maybe play together! i love your videos and it would be a dream come true!
Ultra Gapple
Ultra Gapple Pred 28 dnevi
Your videos are really fire
Overflux J-Dog
Overflux J-Dog Pred 29 dnevi
I did NOT know pet had been going for 3 years
Makenna & Amelie
Makenna & Amelie Pred mesecem
I love your vids they are the best
Truett Foss
Truett Foss Pred mesecem
25:20 Ali-A shotgunned someone
RasleDasle Pred mesecem
I remember getting this on my notifications on my old yt user
Logan M
Logan M Pred mesecem
He thick Lachlan once said
Pred mesecem
Who remembers when gold scars did 72 headshot damage 😭
VRMN Pred mesecem
Lachy: ‘I love to see someone landing on me rn’ *someone lands on him* Lachy: ‘you hate to see it’
Darkness Plays
Darkness Plays Pred mesecem
Hayden Wardlaw
Hayden Wardlaw Pred mesecem
I love how he bout the regal and then said I wish there was a scar but he didn’t notice it and he’s even said I wish there was a scar there
Bagel Pred mesecem
I use to watch these type of videos all the time-
HxnzGaming Pred mesecem
When FN was good😖😖
HxnzGaming Pred mesecem
@Tri3tyn Got Gaming who actually asked?
HxnzGaming Pred mesecem
@Tri3tyn Got Gaming but its shit 😏ur a fn kid
Cannan Lehman
Cannan Lehman Pred mesecem
POV: your watching this in 2021
DB P1nky
DB P1nky Pred mesecem
I can’t believe he already had his skin
Jahan Zada
Jahan Zada Pred mesecem
Pred mesecem
Who is watching this in 2021
NFL station
NFL station Pred mesecem
9:47 imagine if that was a scar it was
Ashton Crutchfield
Ashton Crutchfield Pred mesecem
i miss these days
nicholsjesuc3 Pred mesecem
Dude I want this back I want season one back 😭
Henry D
Henry D Pred mesecem
9:47 he was talking bout a scar but there was a scar
ac ghoul gamer
ac ghoul gamer Pred mesecem
2019 lachlan : gotta love trees just kidding Mr beast : do you not know what team trees is ,you stoopid
Hudson Paylor
Hudson Paylor Pred mesecem
Who’s watching this in 2021
chris g
chris g Pred mesecem
is it just me or is his hair green
M Pred mesecem
It’s 2021 and I watch this video just to remember how great fortnite used to be..
ethan fox
ethan fox Pred mesecem
i have to come back every now and then and watch old videos
SCOOT SCOOT Pred mesecem
2021 kids where are you guys at
Storm the pomsky
Storm the pomsky Pred mesecem
Ahhh old map😭😭😭😢😢🥺🥺😢😭😣☹️☹️😣😣
Kasie Damico
Kasie Damico Pred mesecem
Are you Australian or Scottish or Canadian
Debby Nout
Debby Nout Pred mesecem
How dit yo get reneged renger
make me second or most disliked on youtube
make me second or most disliked on youtube Pred 2 meseci
Cool to know he used to do stw trading Note: look in the corner at the start of the vid...
Sja520 Bop
Sja520 Bop Pred 2 meseci
Been a while still watching in 2021
Andrés Mérida
Andrés Mérida Pred 2 meseci
I love re watching these vids not just for nostalgia sake but I actually saw Lachy here as a god. Those where the good ol days
XPS Poke
XPS Poke Pred 2 meseci
Who is here July 17 2021
Will FN
Will FN Pred mesecem
Not me
Nicole Gauci
Nicole Gauci Pred 2 meseci
When he found the purple vending machine with a hand Cannon in it he said Imagine if this was a scar there was a scar in the vending machine
Cooper Verrall
Cooper Verrall Pred 2 meseci
I mean there was a purple ar behind the gas station at the vending machine but you chose pistol
Cooper Verrall
Cooper Verrall Pred 2 meseci
I am watching two years later but in the purple vending machine benching the gas station there was a purple scar
Spade Pred 2 meseci
this lachy doesnt know he has a skin in the game
JFtoyreview19 Pred 2 meseci
@10:27 should have bought the purple scar
lime slice
lime slice Pred 2 meseci
You think its easy to get 300 metal without anyone killing you?-
Donna Hoskinson
Donna Hoskinson Pred 2 meseci
Lachy : I wish that deagle was a scar Me there was a scar before the deagle
Caroline Jones
Caroline Jones Pred 2 meseci
oooooooooooooooooho'8y9[79t7t7 78pf8 rrjhf yuhbuovytewrtyuaiup c8s
Da Prince
Da Prince Pred 2 meseci
Lachlan: it is very stressful and very hard. Me: … THATS WHAT SHE SAID
William Smith
William Smith Pred 2 meseci
Coming to this video 2 years later
Videogamer80 Pred 2 meseci
Remember when risky was a marked location
Little Wolf
Little Wolf Pred 2 meseci
Me doing a Challenge can only use Purple Weapons. me searching a Chest: gets a Gold Scar 🟨 Me: are you kidding me I can't Use it 😭
Indiana Cain
Indiana Cain Pred 2 meseci
When there was a vending machine and he talked about a scar but got the deagal instead
Snowwy_mountain Pred 2 meseci
When he says "little playstation skin there" what does he mean, someone tell me, also plz know that defaults are not bad, or not all of them, some are but not all of them
Squooble Pred 2 meseci
Lachy: Imagine if that was a scar Me: but there is a scar there
lime slice
lime slice Pred 2 meseci
The scar is 300 metal, it takes a while to get 300 metal, wood is easier so yuh
Angel Ordaz
Angel Ordaz Pred 2 meseci
Little did he know he will have a skin
Malo warrior
Malo warrior Pred 3 meseci
whos watching this when Lachlan got a skin
Kade Bridge
Kade Bridge Pred 3 meseci
12:24 every gay gun in the game
Delicia Wistrand
Delicia Wistrand Pred 3 meseci
15:22 lachy dose not take gray tak
Kaira Castillo
Kaira Castillo Pred 3 meseci
A green AR did 62 headshot!!! 0--0
Kushywyd Pred 3 meseci
times have changed man
Joseph Hayder
Joseph Hayder Pred 3 meseci
I miss old fortnite
Blizzard Snake
Blizzard Snake Pred 3 meseci
These videos are nostalgic
xlrxl Pred 3 meseci
There was a scar
Frank Morales
Frank Morales Pred 3 meseci
Can’t believe he has his own skin now
IZN Nova
IZN Nova Pred 3 meseci
If u get ur own skin what u do Lachlan
why Pred 3 meseci
He does
Alan Pred 3 meseci
Gg lachy just saw my old epic in ur vid I was tryna get the scar
Zachary Arthur
Zachary Arthur Pred 3 meseci
Lachlan’s history: let’s go x10000 I’m guessing he watches DaBaby all the time
John G.
John G. Pred 3 meseci
im the last comment nerds
Agent peely
Agent peely Pred 3 meseci
Rhod_OMG Pred 3 meseci
Let's take a moment to appreciate how long these videos take and how he spends at least 5 hours videoing to get a dub
Luc4AR9009 Pred 3 meseci
last comment
John G.
John G. Pred 3 meseci
u think wrong
Katey Green
Katey Green Pred 3 meseci
when he said if that was a scar though ther was a litterl
V!ntage Gamez
V!ntage Gamez Pred 3 meseci
nice job you did great!
Loretta Wallace
Loretta Wallace Pred 3 meseci
Use lachlans code in the fortbite item shop
Rekt YT
Rekt YT Pred 3 meseci
I love watching the of content
Lolaz Pred 3 meseci
19:39 ur looking for purples? Are you blind look in the room
Ashwin Joshi
Ashwin Joshi Pred 4 meseci
The real title should be only pickaxe challenge
Destoryer E
Destoryer E Pred 4 meseci
In 2 years he’s gonna have his own skin
Zach Johnson
Zach Johnson Pred 4 meseci
The guy with the p90 came back from the gulag
ITACHI FFX Pred 4 meseci
Let's check who is still watching this
The yeet Man
The yeet Man Pred 3 meseci
Hello there
JARETH Pred 4 meseci
Rūdiss Pred 4 meseci
its 2021 and you legend are still here
Cohen Rippon
Cohen Rippon Pred 4 meseci
Lachlan: get drum gun get dubs Dies
Shidereno Pred 4 meseci
Fnaf Animations
Fnaf Animations Pred 4 meseci
Jimmy Is here
Jimmy Is here Pred 4 meseci
Wow fortnite was THAT fun?!😭😭
Shelly Mazzanoble
Shelly Mazzanoble Pred 4 meseci
GoatedNata-_- Pred 4 meseci
bro at 19:40 he walked right by a purple
epic gamer
epic gamer Pred 4 meseci
You are my favorite fortnite youtuber
kiccflip Pred 4 meseci
Why is this in my recommended in 2021 lmaooooo Love it 🤣🤣
Destinee Pred 4 meseci
When he did the purple round and went to the vending machine he got a gun and said I wish this was a Scar THERE WAS A SCAR IN THE VENDING MACHINE
ErickTrooper 29
ErickTrooper 29 Pred 4 meseci
Broo The green drum gun back then did 26 damage and the midas MYTHIC drum gun did 25??? WHAAAT????
You have a skn
xPARTY BOT3000x Pred 4 meseci
God I miss old fortnite and the old fortnite youtubers
Car DIO Pred 4 meseci
Oh my God I miss the old island so much 😭
LUCÍ-DARKANGEL Codm Pred 4 meseci
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