The *RANDOM* Gaming Legend Challenge!

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Lachlan Pred 3 meseci
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Owl gamer2480
Owl gamer2480 Pred dnevom
You leaked season 7 with your sponsor!
Rafa au!
Rafa au! Pred 18 dnevi
And roblox?
joacoeigueyt Pred mesecem
@Sami Abeidat yes
joacoeigueyt Pred mesecem
@Coolsonicfan 781 yes
joacoeigueyt Pred mesecem
@Sami Abeidat yes code lachy in store in fortnite
123 double o z
123 double o z Pred uro
Anybody catch that 69 damage 10:20
Wina Pred 3 dnevi
Raidway Yt
Raidway Yt Pred 5 dnevi
Fortnite with aleins
ASG SPIDEY Pred 5 dnevi
Super Smash Bros Ultimate
ASG SPIDEY Pred 5 dnevi
He is in smash
macko Pred 6 dnevi
the hadooken
The Dipermont Show
The Dipermont Show Pred 6 dnevi
Lachlan, ngl, the backpack is amazing and it fits with everything.
Jarami Rollen
Jarami Rollen Pred 7 dnevi
I use code lachy and pwr
Joseph Lloyd
Joseph Lloyd Pred 11 dnevi
That power backbling do be looking fresh
Red Space
Red Space Pred 21 dnevom
Mike_ah11 Ramsey
Mike_ah11 Ramsey Pred 29 dnevi
Love how he said clean instant sub
7 7
7 7 Pred mesecem
Christopher Campbell
Christopher Campbell Pred mesecem
Fortnite has aliens
Blue wolf
Blue wolf Pred mesecem
I want you to do random skin challenges more often
lethabo moses
lethabo moses Pred mesecem
you remind me of pewdiepie
GlitchyPhonix Pred mesecem
When I was at 1 hp I fell of a build for 69 hp
rentble Pred mesecem
On the thumbnail ruckus is doing the dababy pose xD
Mikey Pace
Mikey Pace Pred mesecem
In the gold round Lachlan did 25,25,25,24 to the guy on the bridge that’s 99
ALPHA_ Inferno
ALPHA_ Inferno Pred mesecem
1:15 Lachlan: “think fortnite but with aliens” Me: *Playing fortnite chapter 2 season 7* “I don’t have to.”
mr.Shears Pred mesecem
"the gaming icons we have "RU""
Minnjim Daniel
Minnjim Daniel Pred mesecem
Why is he mercy so much
Luke Risko
Luke Risko Pred mesecem
“Think Fortnite but with aliens” This man is a legend
sym Ros
sym Ros Pred mesecem
Everything he sees hello there
FORTNITE noob2113
FORTNITE noob2113 Pred mesecem
1:13. Haha you fool
Rob Peterson
Rob Peterson Pred mesecem
Lachlan you and Fresh should do a one 1V1 battle in Fortnite
Rxftzlol Pred mesecem
Nobody: Lachlan: predicting the next season without even knowing 1:14
FootBBQ Pred mesecem
15:34 oh he's white *proceeds to shoot him*
Lorel Kline
Lorel Kline Pred mesecem
you have aim bot
Luke McAllister
Luke McAllister Pred mesecem
I haven’t played fortnite in abt a year and looking at all this new stuff blows my mind
LordPickle Pred 24 dnevi
BlaZe_bro Pred mesecem
NOoooo he didn’t use master chief 😭😂
Connor King (2026)
Connor King (2026) Pred mesecem
Henry Mendoza
Henry Mendoza Pred mesecem
The wasteful skirt lastly paste because faucet ideally want inside a funny kimberly. deranged, big chess
Wyatt Gamer
Wyatt Gamer Pred mesecem
Funny thing is we have aliens in fortnite now lol
Royaakxoxo Pred mesecem
Doug Houghtelling
Doug Houghtelling Pred mesecem
Prime_Drifty Pred mesecem
Dude the thumbnail is so good
chilli_flakes_dude Pred mesecem
Hey he didn't did the master chief 1....???
Terry The best dog ever
Terry The best dog ever Pred mesecem
It’s ryu not ru
Matthew Hainsworth
Matthew Hainsworth Pred mesecem
“think fortnite but with aliens” me in season 7
Faded-X99 Pred mesecem
Everyone: Fortnite is so hard Lachy: *Dominating everyone and getting three dubs in a row*
Jajuan_Goul Pred mesecem
give credit to the Lord when it’s due
That Guy Games
That Guy Games Pred mesecem
“It’s fortnite with aliens” chapter 2 season 7 “I’m you now”
Legocraft Pred mesecem
Yeah, fortnite with aliens huh?
Max Lodge
Max Lodge Pred mesecem
Lachlan: Crafting & buying 4 different bows Also Lachlan: only using the shockwave bow
Chase Sullivan
Chase Sullivan Pred mesecem
Its funny how he says: "fornite, with aliens" when aliens are gonna be the theme in less than 24 hours
EMR4LDAN13L Pred mesecem
MrKdp116 Pred mesecem
Lochlyn I am about to use your code in the item shop
Grace Windham-Luck
Grace Windham-Luck Pred mesecem
Lachlan : I need a medkit Me in my head : Oh yeah you gunna drink that medkit lachy
Kyle Davenport
Kyle Davenport Pred mesecem
no one say that spaz is op to epic
Dalas mi ídolo
Dalas mi ídolo Pred mesecem
Use code Lachlan or I’m going to report you to the FBI
Abbas Kh
Abbas Kh Pred mesecem
JLP 1601
JLP 1601 Pred mesecem
Lachy: I’m gonna eat this Also lachy: drinking 50 shield pot😂😂😂😂
JLP 1601
JLP 1601 Pred mesecem
Im dumb gaming
Im dumb gaming Pred mesecem
i thought lachy was about to drop an f bomb
Wyacrr Pred mesecem
I really want them to add doomguy to this game
Cody Sherrill
Cody Sherrill Pred mesecem
I’m watching in June and Lacey predicted aliens in fortnite
Mason Holland
Mason Holland Pred mesecem
your insane
EllisHi LolXd
EllisHi LolXd Pred mesecem
I love Lachlan content I really respect hom
EllisHi LolXd
EllisHi LolXd Pred mesecem
Fear Dylo
Fear Dylo Pred mesecem
Lachlan:How did I miss that Tree:HMM let me think about that
Petar Kajinic
Petar Kajinic Pred mesecem
You could do for legandary that you go find bunker chest and get something legandary from bunker chest rather than using your gold and waisting them but ok never mind
Alex Japhet
Alex Japhet Pred 2 meseci
SKO on Core = Fortnite Ch2 S7
DRAGO C Pred 2 meseci
I think the tron skins should be in gameing legends
whitegamer boy
whitegamer boy Pred 2 meseci
10:02: btw you guys have to admit THAT was soooo satisfying
Gavin Stegall
Gavin Stegall Pred 2 meseci
Gavin Stegall
Gavin Stegall Pred 2 meseci
Boxed by noob stephen
Boxed by noob stephen Pred 2 meseci
Harry Evans
Harry Evans Pred 2 meseci
ngl watching Lachy edit is kinda satisfying, i can't even press the wrong buttons that fast...
Pumpkin Boi
Pumpkin Boi Pred 2 meseci
Pyscho Bandit in the thumbnail: Less goooo
The Funhouse Kids
The Funhouse Kids Pred 2 meseci
I got my teach pooled
Darkness Rises
Darkness Rises Pred 2 meseci
At 10:30 there’s a gnome in the brick wall to his right
Jett Is my name
Jett Is my name Pred 2 meseci
Lachlan:let’s favourite these bad boys” aloy,Lara Croft,chun li “are we a joke to u”
Max Keenan
Max Keenan Pred 2 meseci
Xander Bostick
Xander Bostick Pred 2 meseci
03:05 how did u miss
Xander Bostick
Xander Bostick Pred 2 meseci
Kole Ford
Kole Ford Pred 2 meseci
This video was uploaded on my brothers 17th birthday...sick!
JediPokemon 101
JediPokemon 101 Pred 2 meseci
Did anyone else see the gnome in the wall at 10:29
probro 74
probro 74 Pred 2 meseci
You are so cool pleas friend someone with the start aid shovel
Hxnry Pred 2 meseci
RainFN Pred 2 meseci
Bro tell me the PWR Backbling doesnt go well with the majority of skins in fortnite
Ami Vavra
Ami Vavra Pred 2 meseci
He’s cracked at fn my guy
Nicholas Garica
Nicholas Garica Pred 2 meseci
1:49 1:51 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:53 1:53 1:54
Nicholas Garica
Nicholas Garica Pred 2 meseci
Brennan Ayala
Brennan Ayala Pred 2 meseci
My guy said game 1 ru
SeventyGalaxies Pred 2 meseci
14:41 Lmao
GCD Pred 2 meseci
Did he just say Ru? Did he just say Ru?!?!
Sebastian Reed
Sebastian Reed Pred 2 meseci
But I love your videos and I’m actually bad😂
Sebastian Reed
Sebastian Reed Pred 2 meseci
I am not that bad at Fortnite😔
DrSlimyBio 1275
DrSlimyBio 1275 Pred 2 meseci
Watching this video made me think that there is a purpose to have all Gaming Legends Series. Thanks Lachlan.
BC stix
BC stix Pred 2 meseci
The PWR backbling is one of the things I regret not buying. It is the best backbling. If it comes out again I am going to buy it, with code lachy
Storm Ray
Storm Ray Pred 2 meseci
Pause at 14:53 .........Nice
Saba Alanbaki
Saba Alanbaki Pred 2 meseci
100PXgrindeR Pred 2 meseci
My guys insane at the game
Ashbir Wraich
Ashbir Wraich Pred 2 meseci
“You’ve got nothing to lose for it” Me: STORAGE? CAN I GET A STORAGE?
The Dipermont Show
The Dipermont Show Pred 2 meseci
GG lachy
Sweaty doggo
Sweaty doggo Pred 2 meseci
the school shooter decided i wasnt too bad, so he gave me a shot
Max Bathersby
Max Bathersby Pred 2 meseci
you should try playing warzone
Moses Poole
Moses Poole Pred 2 meseci
Lachlan last words. Spooky-lachlan 2020-2021
Bill Philips
Bill Philips Pred 2 meseci
I love it how Lachlan just keeps on saying *now that is epic* *lets play FORTNITE*
Nathanael Becerra
Nathanael Becerra Pred 2 meseci
Should've made master chief legendary guns because he's a legend
Llaciel Dadang
Llaciel Dadang Pred 2 meseci
I need a medkit *nervous laugh*
Luke Arellano
Luke Arellano Pred 2 meseci
Me: watching the video. Lachlan: eats a mini
Luke Arellano
Luke Arellano Pred 2 meseci
I meant a big pot
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