THANOS is Back… Again!

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Pred mesecem

Thanos is finally back in Fortnite, for real this time... So today we attempt the Rainbow Infinity Gauntlet challenge!
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Lachlan Pred mesecem
Reality is often dissapointing...
Francisco Assis
Francisco Assis Pred 24 dnevi
Bro that was insane did you really elim the hole lobby
grips Pred 25 dnevi
get with the pack
ac cookie smudge
ac cookie smudge Pred 25 dnevi
@LBW we are all huge fans
Reaper619 Pred 26 dnevi
When are you releasing merch again
Reaper619 Pred 26 dnevi
Hey Lachlan
The Giga Bro
The Giga Bro Pred 10 dnevi
I thought he talked Spanish but he said infinity gauntlet
val lockery
val lockery Pred 12 dnevi
moishz Pred 21 dnevom
Kid: sees the intro and spends his savings on the thanos skin Lachy: just kidding that was just memes Kid: 👁️👄👁️
itruglia isa t
itruglia isa t Pred 21 dnevom
Dina Aboughazala
Dina Aboughazala Pred 21 dnevom
i whould have gotten so mad at epic games it they didn't ad thanos into fortnite
Dina Aboughazala
Dina Aboughazala Pred 21 dnevom
thanos is my favorit marvel super villan
Alvin Staaf
Alvin Staaf Pred 22 dnevi
7:47 this thing suger hmm since when did you start talking swedish
Rob Penningroth
Rob Penningroth Pred 23 dnevi
Beanos is a skin now
Rob Penningroth
Rob Penningroth Pred 23 dnevi
Beanie is a skin now
grips Pred 25 dnevi
get with the pack
grips Pred 25 dnevi
get with the pack
LilGlitchy Pred 26 dnevi
Pog that thanos is back!
Zenith Phillips
Zenith Phillips Pred 27 dnevi
Love your hair btw
nintenbro gamer
nintenbro gamer Pred 28 dnevi
*tries to do the snap with thanks skin* *snap* Eliminated *urIQdumb@$$*
Whammy Cheng
Whammy Cheng Pred 29 dnevi
Thor probably had heavy trauma in the 5 years of playing Fortnite
LOLJOL PLAYS Pred 29 dnevi
Remember fortnite endgame?
bryce harris
bryce harris Pred 29 dnevi
Why when ever I do the snap with thanos it kills no one
Badge 99 Dj Alok
Badge 99 Dj Alok Pred mesecem
Thanks for 60 subscriber Ab 100 karva do Love you all ❤️❤️💜🧡💗💋
SamuraiWanBaw Pred mesecem
To the Thumb Nail. - To the Movie scene where Thanos Fades away. lol
7 7
7 7 Pred mesecem
I’m surprised it’s back
StrykerPlayz Pred mesecem
0:09 look at the kill-feed. Nice.
Eddie Chavez Jr
Eddie Chavez Jr Pred mesecem
When you snapped it said that you killed them by a great fall
Thanos Pred mesecem
jody0998 Pred mesecem
antonio david
antonio david Pred mesecem
Can you give me class of hability
ZIKRY Hydzir
ZIKRY Hydzir Pred mesecem
Mabstatov T
Mabstatov T Pred mesecem
How did evryone get eliminated when you snap
Hotdog YT
Hotdog YT Pred mesecem
Valine Spurgeon
Valine Spurgeon Pred mesecem
Is this cap
Muhammad Abdulkader
Muhammad Abdulkader Pred mesecem
The thing about eliminating half the loby is cap lock at the kill message it written with a great fall
Rupal Patel
Rupal Patel Pred mesecem
ⁱˢ ᵗʰᵉ ˢⁿᵃᵖ ᵏⁱˡˡ ʳᵉᵃˡ
shadows5697 Pred mesecem
The chat to the fall
Lucas Giovanni
Lucas Giovanni Pred mesecem
Video idea 2 chesh only challenge only
scorpio132 Pred mesecem
When your thanos your easy to get spotted because he is bigger than other skins
Kamaree Harris
Kamaree Harris Pred mesecem
Go check out my meme.
The Gaming Dog
The Gaming Dog Pred mesecem
Where All Forgeting The Pogg Punch Back In season 8 (Memories)
Mr.Monster Pred mesecem
Still salty his gauntlet isn’t his pickaxe
Sandro Cunha
Sandro Cunha Pred mesecem
Que merda eu ser pobre e ter q fica jogando FF pq meu celular pega só ele...kkk
Revox YT
Revox YT Pred mesecem
Snap emote u kill half the Lobby in kill feed this guy died to fall damage
Tikkis Hockmann
Tikkis Hockmann Pred mesecem
William Germano
William Germano Pred mesecem
He thinks the game is dark he hasn’t played rust
The reacting gamer
The reacting gamer Pred mesecem
Now time for the wap dance
sihir dagoat
sihir dagoat Pred mesecem
Lachlan I’m supporting u as a creator and I maxed out my mom dad auntie and uncle credit card I hope u enjoy lol
SphYnk Pred mesecem
P4Pranav Pred mesecem
John Barnes
John Barnes Pred mesecem
Not CAPEN so don't think I am
John Barnes
John Barnes Pred mesecem
Hey Lachlan you might have already figured this out but if you get the right car it will say PWR and another one says BTS
Paul Zolla
Paul Zolla Pred mesecem
Thanos is to thick
Ccsims12 Go
Ccsims12 Go Pred mesecem
Thanos: snaps his fingers Players: all die and thanos wins
strider man
strider man Pred mesecem
Is the snap the loby thing real
Arnas Jukna
Arnas Jukna Pred mesecem
I buy thanos with your code
Unknown Pred mesecem
4:42 when did u learn Japanese lachy??
Mustafa Seth
Mustafa Seth Pred mesecem
Snap emote doesn't work
Ok so the intro was funny cause it was fake and everyone fell from 69m
dp damusicman
dp damusicman Pred mesecem
any one else slightly bothered that the rainbow is out of order??
Akopl Pred mesecem
He wasn’t lieing about thanos but I thought it was more then just a skin 😢
YetiMan Pred mesecem
Who else remembers the og skybases
Jayda Vu
Jayda Vu Pred mesecem
Is fresh ur brother
Markysk Pred mesecem
I did not know thanos carried guns?
Ali Nebiu
Ali Nebiu Pred mesecem
bro go back to minecraft pls
Murillo José França
Murillo José França Pred mesecem
lachlan you know when your skin will come back in the item store?
LEFTY_WIL 1 Pred mesecem
You are following me on TikTok
Noah Margules
Noah Margules Pred mesecem
Noah Margules
Noah Margules Pred mesecem
It’s impossible to do that dude
ZK gaming
ZK gaming Pred mesecem
I got thanos and honestly I can’t eliminate the lobby whyyy!
The broken ones
The broken ones Pred mesecem
Snap is fake
The broken ones
The broken ones Pred mesecem
I know but some peeps won't know that
Yvonne Hayes
Yvonne Hayes Pred mesecem
Its supposed to be a joke
Steve Nyirenda
Steve Nyirenda Pred mesecem
Fa3e_fire Pred mesecem
The snap is fake they died from fall 😂
Yvonne Hayes
Yvonne Hayes Pred mesecem
Its supposed to be a joke
bad trick shots
bad trick shots Pred mesecem
Day 1 for asking for a setup tour
Talen Playz
Talen Playz Pred mesecem
proto kid
proto kid Pred mesecem
I don't think the snap myth at the start is real lol look at the kill feed they died from 69 metres
Ann Conneally
Ann Conneally Pred mesecem
Kyler Kuprion
Kyler Kuprion Pred mesecem
Do some tro fills
Mister Blitzer
Mister Blitzer Pred mesecem
1:52 Perfectly Balanced, as all things should be
Tamara Jonee
Tamara Jonee Pred mesecem
Love ur vids
jorenplayz Pred mesecem
Fortnite pay to win confirmed
Luan Schepers
Luan Schepers Pred mesecem
Find the O. 000000000000000000000000000000O000000
Andres David
Andres David Pred mesecem
GG lachy
jack seguin
jack seguin Pred mesecem
Hi Lachlan you are my favourite SLusr
Lewis Beatt
Lewis Beatt Pred mesecem
Can I get admin on pwr tiny town
Lewis Beatt
Lewis Beatt Pred mesecem
Can iget admin
Nasif Gamer YT
Nasif Gamer YT Pred mesecem
Yo Lachlan can u PayPal me I have been struggling so I used the last bet of my money to be a member
Aqua Glitchy
Aqua Glitchy Pred mesecem
Is Thanos worthy enough for Thor's hammer?
anishka_yaboy.47 Pred mesecem
Might need better wifi
DT_Cat_YT Pred mesecem
DEAD GAMY Pred mesecem
Why the snap emote doesn't work for me,yes,I do have the thanos skin,but why it's don't work?
JW du Plessis
JW du Plessis Pred mesecem
Try to get a kill with evry stone
NO_FEAR_ 87 Pred mesecem
Lachlan do you remember when fresh teach you how to 90
Joshua H
Joshua H Pred mesecem
Where is hulk
G Ports
G Ports Pred mesecem
The micro stutters have been really bad lately
Tamati Pene
Tamati Pene Pred mesecem
Your the best Lachlan!!!!!!!!!!!
Creakxz Pred mesecem
Yea boiii
madlad Pred mesecem
Are you ever going to play Minecraft ever a again?
forza cLaPs
forza cLaPs Pred mesecem
When he eliminates 10 people in the the chat it says 69
Trick shots clan
Trick shots clan Pred mesecem
Who thinks thanos should have a infinity Gauntlet as a pick ax
DIAMOND MALO Pred mesecem
Hey Lachlan Ross Power Awesome Best an He had Fun on Sat had to buy a cheap Xbox original for $149 bit hard that day heard the name Lachlan Ross Power he was holding a fanta the champion 🏆😅 Love Living Good Life😹
Isaiah Rendon
Isaiah Rendon Pred mesecem
UMMMMM I saw when you snap in the video I saw when you get the kills it saws that they died from fall damage.
Yvonne Hayes
Yvonne Hayes Pred mesecem
Yeah, and it 69 meters high so hes just joking
The Crusher6497
The Crusher6497 Pred mesecem
Thanos pay to win
TGKx Smoke
TGKx Smoke Pred mesecem
Look at my SLus trying to reach 500 by 2022
Puneet Khurana
Puneet Khurana Pred mesecem
Thanks says
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