Fortnite Hide & Seek BUT Everyone Is TINY! (Glitch)

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Pred 13 dnevi

Today we played a special game of Hide & Seek where all the players were half their normal size!
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Anderson fortnite
Anderson fortnite Pred 53 minutami
Little locky Plus
Alfie Newmarch
Alfie Newmarch Pred uro
Sἰngularἰty Pred 4 urami
This is the CUTEST game of hide and seek!! So many little Lachy's running everywhere! 😃 If I was seeking, I would just want to hug them all! 😍 Please do more of this!! 👍
Zach Pred 5 urami
Was Karl a leak for a new skin
BLUE_K$ Pred 6 urami
Dawson Carter
Dawson Carter Pred 8 urami
Lackey if you invite me to play duos I will change my username to UseCodeLacky
Welp Pred 14 urami
To the OGs of Lachlan’s channel: Lil Lachy 😢, only OGs will remember
Skyler Paulson
Skyler Paulson Pred 19 urami
I remember carl
Spacecrash Pred 20 urami
😭😭😭😂😂😂I miss Carl
Samarth Gowda P
Samarth Gowda P Pred dnevom
Pmack is mrfreshasian's friendly stream sniper
MarvelMan Pred dnevom
Jake Breault
Jake Breault Pred 2 dnevi
Rip carl
Haiden Ward
Haiden Ward Pred 3 dnevi
They are probably going to remove coral one it’s one year anniversary kind of sad That’s only in a couple days
Kyra Lewis
Kyra Lewis Pred 3 dnevi
A4RNI Pred 3 dnevi
5:01 how u just walk next to this dude?
Panda PK
Panda PK Pred 3 dnevi
10:52?!?!?!? That lachy skin on the top of the purple coral thing???
TuckPlayz Pred 5 dnevi
Small Lachy is what child Lachlan would be in those love role play videos in the thumbnail
Byung Kim
Byung Kim Pred 5 dnevi
Ooh yay mr Wilkie
NotNilo Pred 5 dnevi
Only real fans would know he named his clan after his last name
עילאי אלמליח
עילאי אלמליח Pred 5 dnevi
Lachy has babies
Matthew Goldsworthy
Matthew Goldsworthy Pred 5 dnevi
Lachy - how do you do that so there small
Axel King
Axel King Pred 5 dnevi
I remember carl
Flame_wolf12 Pred 6 dnevi
I never knew lachy had mini lachy children
Anthony Rigby
Anthony Rigby Pred 6 dnevi
I used code lachy when I bought your skin your welcome lachy
PistolPet Pred 6 dnevi
It's nice to so Hide And Seek come back from the old og days
MrHeiersjo Pred 6 dnevi
Love you lachlan use code lachy
Sverre Homb
Sverre Homb Pred 6 dnevi
Hi lachy
xdbradstar09 Pred 6 dnevi
Your the best SLusr
that121guy Pred 6 dnevi
is lazarbeam in this
Galaxy-AdziFN Pred 6 dnevi
Coral castle is a poi that’s gonna get destroyed tomorrow: Epic: No. I don’t think it will.
עילאי אלמליח
עילאי אלמליח Pred 5 dnevi
Epic: ima and this man whole carer
VIPCabbageYT Pred 6 dnevi
Yessssssss it is the 26th and Lachlan is in the items shop
Stephanie Touma
Stephanie Touma Pred 6 dnevi
This dude is a LEGEND
Blackops Hxvoc
Blackops Hxvoc Pred 6 dnevi
You finally found your children :)
עילאי אלמליח
עילאי אלמליח Pred 5 dnevi
J_Gonzalez _
J_Gonzalez _ Pred 6 dnevi
Little Lachy from crazy craft!
Arthur Ofalia
Arthur Ofalia Pred 6 dnevi
can you check you're tiktok from you're new post and check the comments pls
Flippip Pred 6 dnevi
How do you get the voice thing and the one minut and 37 seconds later and stuff?
TheRapzellGamer/ /TRG
TheRapzellGamer/ /TRG Pred 7 dnevi
I think it's time to quit fortnite and move on
Dale Baker
Dale Baker Pred 7 dnevi
All I can think is of the ant man and wasp movie where his suit malfunctions when I see all these little lachlans
Subhallowed_877 Pred 7 dnevi
There mini miis
Joey Parry
Joey Parry Pred 7 dnevi
I remember carl
matthew harrington
matthew harrington Pred 7 dnevi
bro your hat is made with 10c fabric but it cost 27 dollers
BotirS Pred 7 dnevi
I saw the last tiny Lacey at coral castle right above you on a coral
Secret Smiler
Secret Smiler Pred 7 dnevi
He wasn’t on his team when he did glitch there’s 2 versions god mode and tiny mode he got the god and tiny
Franklin Keys
Franklin Keys Pred 7 dnevi
10:52 does anyone see him on the mushrooms?
Aurora and Brayan
Aurora and Brayan Pred 8 dnevi
Hvg Hh
Hvg Hh Pred 8 dnevi
I live in mn
JackieSz0729 Pred 8 dnevi
0:05 aww cute
Hayfa Grioui
Hayfa Grioui Pred 8 dnevi
You have so many person mini
Timo Aarts
Timo Aarts Pred 8 dnevi
Tiny town
Landom Farmer
Landom Farmer Pred 8 dnevi
Mata Rocks676
Mata Rocks676 Pred 8 dnevi
I would just hide in the fire
Gaming gods
Gaming gods Pred 8 dnevi
Freind me
jufu Pred 8 dnevi
Angel Sol
Angel Sol Pred 8 dnevi
How the hell did you get on main island
Neilas B
Neilas B Pred 8 dnevi
10:52 i thought you could see the last guy at the top of the screen on the tree/coral
Shaydon Cannon
Shaydon Cannon Pred 8 dnevi
Hide and seek were always my favourite vids
7 7
7 7 Pred 8 dnevi
Luke Anderson
Luke Anderson Pred 9 dnevi
For some reason the little lachys are so cute
acro / アクロ
acro / アクロ Pred 9 dnevi
You still in japan?
Mr Box you
Mr Box you Pred 9 dnevi
Can you add me I think might be able to beat you in a 1v1 My epic is its_not_kaiden
Duncan Collins
Duncan Collins Pred 9 dnevi
Dude they are the same size as you irl
Firehawk Pred 9 dnevi
"WhErEs My CoNtEnT" That sent me 7:24
The Cloaker
The Cloaker Pred 9 dnevi
Has nothing to do with the video but imagine a cod crossover and they add hijacked and in the area you take double damage and deal double damage to simulate cods insane time to kill.
gamer boy pera
gamer boy pera Pred 9 dnevi
Pls put the infinity gauntlet back to tiny town
Agent Muscle
Agent Muscle Pred 9 dnevi
After seeing the thumbanail Everyone : Little lachys yay Me : Attack on titan!!!!!!!!
Waseem Khatri
Waseem Khatri Pred 9 dnevi
When will u upload new video
Eissa Miguel Magnaye 31
Eissa Miguel Magnaye 31 Pred 9 dnevi
Lachlan hab children? *LAKHY SUS*
BB coma
BB coma Pred 9 dnevi
Samantha Thibodeaux
Samantha Thibodeaux Pred 9 dnevi
Samantha Thibodeaux
Samantha Thibodeaux Pred 9 dnevi
You should quit yt
Andrea Alvarado
Andrea Alvarado Pred 9 dnevi
Why did you leave the pack
Mancake GamerTV
Mancake GamerTV Pred 9 dnevi
How do you do that
William Monahan
William Monahan Pred 9 dnevi
Lachlan " only ogs will remember when it was named carl" and then you think about how long ago Kevin was.😭
light phinoex
light phinoex Pred 4 dnevi
hey lachy
Austin Sechman
Austin Sechman Pred 4 dnevi
Season 6 was a good season. The floating island was my favorite drop back then
Perfectly Balanced
Perfectly Balanced Pred 9 dnevi
Kevin is coming back (hopefully)
Andy Warby
Andy Warby Pred 9 dnevi
I'm getting season 4 hide and seek Nostalgia
CJPlayz33 Pred 9 dnevi
you should do a icon 3v3 kill race I think it would be cool
Lazy_Lapis Pred 9 dnevi
coral castle aint gone
RAG_Cabbage Pred 9 dnevi
Y’all should have been monkey beast boy
Kelly Reed
Kelly Reed Pred 9 dnevi
I miss your Minecraft vids.
BladeFN_ Pred 9 dnevi
dang i knew you since season 6 chapter 1
ARLENE P Pred 9 dnevi
What is the disc?
A7med Hasan
A7med Hasan Pred 9 dnevi
The little lachys are so cute😂
Frank b
Frank b Pred 9 dnevi
I won against a bot
Daniel Espinoza
Daniel Espinoza Pred 9 dnevi
You always copie Lannan and fresh loser
Larem Thorpe
Larem Thorpe Pred 9 dnevi
Otter gaming
Otter gaming Pred 9 dnevi
10.52 you walked right past him
Crazee N8
Crazee N8 Pred 9 dnevi
Tell epic to bring back your skin
Garrett Stevenson
Garrett Stevenson Pred 9 dnevi
I wish he can do a fashion show with the alien skin
Gonçalo Pinto
Gonçalo Pinto Pred 9 dnevi
no one: lachy 2021: you become tiny and then u loose the tiny
Mikolajek P
Mikolajek P Pred 10 dnevi
Can you pls put your skin in the item shop
Jack Sterling
Jack Sterling Pred 10 dnevi
Post more often
Deadgamer3901 Pred 10 dnevi
Fortnite is for babies
Cool Drift
Cool Drift Pred 10 dnevi
This is what tiny town should be 😂
Elias28 Pred 10 dnevi
Whens the next Pokemon Go video coming out?
Adrian Avalos
Adrian Avalos Pred 10 dnevi
comedian jokes
comedian jokes Pred 10 dnevi
I miss pixelmon
Jayden Troeger
Jayden Troeger Pred 10 dnevi
What happened
Brady Lego Legendz
Brady Lego Legendz Pred 10 dnevi
Blake_is_good Pred 10 dnevi
There so small and cute
Axtro_nv Pred 10 dnevi
Lachlan when your birthday? Mine is 25th of august
Crew Lombardo
Crew Lombardo Pred 10 dnevi
Get the amo
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