Fortnite Chapter 1 POI's RETURN!? (Mothership Update)

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Pred mesecem

Today we got a blast from the past with some Chapter 1 POIs returning to Fortnite in the latest Season 7 update!
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Road Runner
Road Runner Pred 6 dnevi
Yeah the rail gun is good if you can aim unlike me wtf is there a shot delay for
Colelat8 Pred 6 dnevi
When you got yeeted by the ufo I had flashbacks of it being me and one other guy and the zone was really close and he abducted me and threw me into storm… I died and then I was pissed
Liam Kinney
Liam Kinney Pred 23 dnevi
This is a TikTok
grips Pred 25 dnevi
get with the pack
shadows5697 Pred 26 dnevi
Zenith Phillips
Zenith Phillips Pred 27 dnevi
Taco time if you do her dance she chug splashes u
Zenith Phillips
Zenith Phillips Pred 27 dnevi
My friend says ur a sweat
MatterMind88 Pred 28 dnevi
Cool vid. Lachy claims to have codex accuracy, but he hates the heavy AK the highest dealing damage gun in the game because he can't aim with it
Brax The Gamer
Brax The Gamer Pred mesecem
MuZ_CLAPZ_U Pred mesecem
Your videos are always the best
Kristian Boev
Kristian Boev Pred mesecem
Lucky landing is c1s3 actually
Kamaree Harris
Kamaree Harris Pred mesecem
Go check out my meme.
Broccoli Boi
Broccoli Boi Pred mesecem
who else remebers the old taco time and how fun it was until you were fighting someone
Abel Arredondo
Abel Arredondo Pred mesecem
dude if the game is too dark for you just try and change some color blind settings
Silver Assassin
Silver Assassin Pred mesecem
Ghost and shadow guards:Friendship unlocked..
eric ballard
eric ballard Pred mesecem
i think he said sh!t
avacødö Pred mesecem
Your accent sounds stronger
Tasha Dickinson
Tasha Dickinson Pred mesecem
Poog/poop poggers wow noice suipooe
JMS Births
JMS Births Pred mesecem
Can you add me on fortnight Lacey
Ryan Dennison
Ryan Dennison Pred mesecem
@Finley Crossan
Vivian Delgado
Vivian Delgado Pred mesecem
R.I.P old heavy ar
Christina Dobbs
Christina Dobbs Pred mesecem
You could do a revive me I have a ray gun challenge
Evelyn charlene Fesuluai
Evelyn charlene Fesuluai Pred mesecem
Shehraaz Singh
Shehraaz Singh Pred mesecem
Fortnite kids
Fortnite kids Pred mesecem
POV no one Lachlan
Qase Pred mesecem
Tell fortnite to add the old map back
Qase Pred mesecem
Skibbity Bop
Skibbity Bop Pred mesecem
I haven’t gotten a single pump shotgun from the mothership vault.
Decoff 115
Decoff 115 Pred mesecem
7:16 to 7:20 lets hope his parents didn't hear that...
Envix FN
Envix FN Pred mesecem
How do you get bot lobbies He won’t pin the comment
Conor Mc Gahon
Conor Mc Gahon Pred mesecem
I hate the update
WrangWrang is me
WrangWrang is me Pred mesecem
Come on down to the butter barn
Emi Sky YT
Emi Sky YT Pred mesecem
I do I think it was a few months ago
Kazzorr Pred mesecem
Lachlan, turn you graphics off high, and put them all to low then your fps will be stable. When you have all of your graphics on high your fps js unstable, I know you have a 360hz monitor and you can run on 360fps, but your fps is only getting to 150 because your on high graphics, just a helpful tip that you should put all of your graphics on low so your fps isn't unstable🤗
Elliots YouTube channel
Elliots YouTube channel Pred mesecem
Does thanos come in the item shop or not
Dominic Horner
Dominic Horner Pred mesecem
Who remembers when shadow and ghost npc movies around the map
Ankit Mukand
Ankit Mukand Pred mesecem
I give one time comment that is that anyone who obeys 10 commandments a non destructible body and a planet made by Jesus Christ is given when he comes so wait for his coming otherwise UN NEW WORLD ORDER 2021 TO 2030 IS THERE IN GOOGLE IMAGE.....
Nicholas DJV
Nicholas DJV Pred mesecem
Reasons that POIs looked wrecked? They hadn't loaded in yet
Chef Ro
Chef Ro Pred mesecem
No, they were broken update day
B dog
B dog Pred mesecem
Challenge stay in mother ship hole game an win
B dog
B dog Pred mesecem
Emerald Phantom
Emerald Phantom Pred mesecem
Shit! His views! No god, this guy's an excellent one :'((
Gamer boy 566
Gamer boy 566 Pred mesecem
Hey i love ur vids how bout u do u vs fresh? Or lazerbeam
The bananapro
The bananapro Pred mesecem
Lachlan I think if you crouch while trying to collect the legendary orbs and some one shoots you theres more of a chance to not get yeeted
The bananapro
The bananapro Pred mesecem
Chalange win with only the mother hip loot (the inside)
AdxmFN Pred mesecem
No one: Gen Z: Your Mothership.
EJ VIDEOS Pred mesecem
I have played this season and I get gold every game and win so much! I am making a video on it so plz Lachlan check that out soon!!plz!🥺🥺🥺🥺I love your vids and I have kinda got the accent from you.🥺😭
Benge36 Pred mesecem
What was he talking about when he said chapter one poi’s are back
Ciaran Doherty
Ciaran Doherty Pred mesecem
Does this guy just complain about everything when he's losing, ufos, dark, what next?!??
omarmoh98q 18
omarmoh98q 18 Pred mesecem
When you lag when you are talking 6:04
Leo Liu
Leo Liu Pred mesecem
AbstractLandon Pred mesecem
I have to get me pc repaired and of course this is what they do :/
Fluffy boy
Fluffy boy Pred mesecem
Dani786 Pred mesecem
Jadan Coote
Jadan Coote Pred mesecem
Do a challenge get all the time to stay in the mother ship for the whole round
RussWest44 Pred mesecem
Whatta asshole for killing them smh.
Kydo Olson
Kydo Olson Pred mesecem
You can go to Walmart and get a costume jersey for 30 buck
3D Spazzy
3D Spazzy Pred mesecem
Lachy: it’s so dark in this game! I can’t track anybody Also lachy: yeet somebody with railgun while tracking them
Thumbchumb Pred mesecem
says he wants to try the smg but just uses the lever
Misha Rummel
Misha Rummel Pred mesecem
Plays with a heavy when he could get a burst what a bot.
kingbluejuice Pred mesecem
Only ogs remmber Lachlan with his old skin
Logan Brown
Logan Brown Pred mesecem
i have no money sadly i relly want his jersey
Lisa Savaglio
Lisa Savaglio Pred mesecem
Lachlan try not getting gold loot. Stay at purple or lower and keep getting time and see if you can stay there
Chef Ro
Chef Ro Pred mesecem
You can’t I tried
Cindi Rock
Cindi Rock Pred mesecem
Add me SolidJoker
PWR Polarbearboy
PWR Polarbearboy Pred mesecem
Let’s go
ReD soulano
ReD soulano Pred mesecem
"I just wish that UFOs... werent UFOs" lachlan 2021
AndysGamingchannel Pred mesecem
Lachlan play with Preston again
Laura Beth
Laura Beth Pred mesecem
I don’t know why it shows believer beach is gone for everyone in OCE cuz it’s still there for me
Supreme Pred mesecem
you know it's a good day when lachy uploads
The LA gamer
The LA gamer Pred mesecem
That's so true bro!!!🥰
JKV2000 Gaming
JKV2000 Gaming Pred mesecem
It is a better one when lazar comes uploads
Carter on PS
Carter on PS Pred mesecem
@I'm a cup I know bro we all do
Carter on PS
Carter on PS Pred mesecem
@I'm a cup yessir
Carter on PS
Carter on PS Pred mesecem
CalyCo4 Pred mesecem
Can we thank lachy boi for using his skin when its not a challenge? Cause i will!
Bronwyn Greenacre
Bronwyn Greenacre Pred mesecem
Do only mother ship loot
Braden Carlock
Braden Carlock Pred mesecem
lever action shotgun sucks
Mats Bremer
Mats Bremer Pred mesecem
8:30 does anybody know that background music?
I like ice cream
I like ice cream Pred mesecem
Wanna know why its dark maybe because your brightness is low
Ross Watson
Ross Watson Pred mesecem
How long until someone wins a game by staying in that minigame and endlessly collecting time
Chef Ro
Chef Ro Pred mesecem
You can’t, the time things stop to respawn
IceCube1235 :D
IceCube1235 :D Pred mesecem
damn this chanel is deaaad
G Hunter
G Hunter Pred mesecem
those UFOS remind me of the platforms that we had in season 9
Jordan Pred mesecem
The previous game he asked for a scar he didn't get it he got a spezz now he asks for a spazz nd gets a scar 😹😹
John banana
John banana Pred mesecem
The contoler Freak
The contoler Freak Pred mesecem
Challenge mother ship loot only
Maricarmen Murillos
Maricarmen Murillos Pred mesecem
Travis James
Travis James Pred mesecem
Wow this cliclbaits getting really bad, last Fortnite youtuber I watched too
UKN_Scarce Pred mesecem
No u
Jean Sanclemente
Jean Sanclemente Pred mesecem
With the thanks skin you should use all the color of the stones for guns and then red would be grey
Morrion Perryman
Morrion Perryman Pred mesecem
Summer brute is in believe beach
D1v1ed FeAr._.
D1v1ed FeAr._. Pred mesecem
Morrion Perryman
Morrion Perryman Pred mesecem
And wait was that Kevin the cube makerings
Morrion Perryman
Morrion Perryman Pred mesecem
I miss butter barn
Morrion Perryman
Morrion Perryman Pred mesecem
No lachy those are the things that were abducted
elbruz aksoy
elbruz aksoy Pred mesecem
Yo lachy i think you should 1v1 tg and get claped 🙏🏻😂
Alfyris Pred mesecem
insane update
Beau DeCamp
Beau DeCamp Pred mesecem
Got darker for you but it made my game REALLY bright and I couldn't fix it in settings
Beau DeCamp
Beau DeCamp Pred mesecem
Sweaty sands is still there all of the buildings are
Tyler A
Tyler A Pred mesecem
UFOs have been nerfed slightly. Their rate of fire is slower.
adhm Pred mesecem
i have not played in 8 days i missed so much
matthew w
matthew w Pred mesecem
Elitra v2
Elitra v2 Pred mesecem
9:08 NPC??
matthew w
matthew w Pred mesecem
I love the fortnight update
James Dover
James Dover Pred mesecem
Challenge: mothership loot only
Jerre Roodbol
Jerre Roodbol Pred mesecem
I liked 9:54
Peter DeMinico
Peter DeMinico Pred mesecem
not me
Cass_crusty Pred mesecem
After the start of the game those abductor ships are basically steamy stacks
L A Z E Rツ
L A Z E Rツ Pred mesecem
In the new update there are NPC’s scattered around the map that do taco time and the give you health and shield
Braiden Harvey
Braiden Harvey Pred mesecem
Around 9:00am I was play zone wars and joined you team my user was braidzadefault I was the female default in the lobby and there was a play name sweat_2010 who sniped you you is user is PWR Lachy right?
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