Fortnite in 4K (Ultra HD)
THANOS is Back… Again!
This Weapon is SUPER *RARE*!
Mido Elht
Mido Elht Pred 3 urami
I wish I could return to this time of fortnite when it was remotely fun
Jack B
Jack B Pred 3 urami
F in chat though
LeMoNDays Pred 3 urami
why does he spam click with turbo build?
Kevin Alfaro
Kevin Alfaro Pred 3 urami
Fortnite is still not out during this video keep in mind
Cigdem Cevik
Cigdem Cevik Pred 3 urami
10 ads me wtf
Grzegorz Forgiel
Grzegorz Forgiel Pred 3 urami
Jpat and Eli
Jpat and Eli Pred 3 urami
Spiral Galaxy
Spiral Galaxy Pred 3 urami
And now he shoots guns in video games
Darkpdragon Pred 3 urami
One of the best maps
Gamer 123
Gamer 123 Pred 3 urami
ITZ_ YTjdrc210
ITZ_ YTjdrc210 Pred 4 urami
215k 1v1 him NOW!!!
the dark lord
the dark lord Pred 4 urami
Lachlan turned super Saiyan 3 😨😈
Andy Baker
Andy Baker Pred 4 urami
POV: you live in america
Shawn Pred 4 urami
Bruh I’m only watching these but not playing bc it’s trash and it’s sweaty and toxic lobbies
Mason Heigh
Mason Heigh Pred 4 urami
Nog ops
Tim Gardner
Tim Gardner Pred 5 urami
Your intro is fire keep on going further
Patric_ Pred 5 urami
Back in the day when aim assist existed
XenoZ Pred 5 urami
32:05 I’m sorry Lachy but Renegade...
Luke Foster
Luke Foster Pred 5 urami
I wish I could get that many kills with my squad
WrangWrang is me
WrangWrang is me Pred 5 urami
Good season bad vaulted guns
Brody Fraser
Brody Fraser Pred 5 urami
You could tell that Lachlan enjoyed using the Raider's Revenge pickaxe
David Awoniyi
David Awoniyi Pred 5 urami
ssj spouse if kefla had a husband she would be one
Sean Ivan N. Maguddatu
Sean Ivan N. Maguddatu Pred 6 urami
Brings back lost memories
Hanti Gerber
Hanti Gerber Pred 6 urami
Hello Laughlan I’m a big fan and can you please add me my name is Neil Ian and I am a default and everyone is bullying because I’m a default please add me
Mitchell_Playz Pred 6 urami
It made me laugh when you used the rift on axedent on gam one I think
Hayden mr
Hayden mr Pred 6 urami
I heard this song when I was a kid
Tammy Stanborough
Tammy Stanborough Pred 6 urami
SkullNinja 010
SkullNinja 010 Pred 7 urami
Not even lying I had a fortnite mobile ad before this video
Joely Pred 7 urami
stonks down
stonks down Pred 7 urami
I was just in your finest realistics Match I was Nokiiaa
RevFiveZ Pred 7 urami
To anyone watching this in 2021, welcome back Recruits good to see you again
Faris Alkharusi
Faris Alkharusi Pred 7 urami
Bro his spiking arbic
natasha voulgarakis
natasha voulgarakis Pred 7 urami
Bad ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
WedMoke Pred 7 urami
I remember when i dropped at the chapter 1 disco cuz i was a noob
natasha voulgarakis
natasha voulgarakis Pred 7 urami
Carter Gordon
Carter Gordon Pred 7 urami
I was there I loved it
qlolp Pred 7 urami
8:33 “hit him once” while there is two hits on the screen, that’s a weird lookin hit?
PewDiePie z
PewDiePie z Pred 7 urami
no chance this is not getting nerfed
Jordan May
Jordan May Pred 7 urami
Even now in season 18 Lachy is still a bot
John Paul Palma
John Paul Palma Pred 7 urami
This song will never be forgotten to our memories cause all of us miss the old days
NikPlayz Pred 7 urami
i play on ps4
noah borden
noah borden Pred 8 urami
Lachy been a while glad to be back watching great content
Yaacoub Sleiman
Yaacoub Sleiman Pred 8 urami
wereing the cat women grappler and the belenciaga skin with the long pants
Yaacoub Sleiman
Yaacoub Sleiman Pred 8 urami
is it you
Yaacoub Sleiman
Yaacoub Sleiman Pred 8 urami
hey lachy i was elimemated by a kid named PWR LACHY
ZnRaGe Pred 8 urami
Best video ever😂😂😂
Logan Smith
Logan Smith Pred 8 urami
Brian Jandres
Brian Jandres Pred 8 urami
Will for me the Razor skin should be on the S Tier because she’s my main skin and i love her 😍❤️❤️🥰!
HCAcayden Ferrell
HCAcayden Ferrell Pred 8 urami
Imagine 0ping and 240fps and still trash
Makimbo 2010
Makimbo 2010 Pred 8 urami
What about recon expert
oliver mackintosh
oliver mackintosh Pred 8 urami
13:25 miniminter was in the talent show
River La
River La Pred 8 urami
One of the twins definitely just lost a kill race
Duggan Pred 9 urami
It’s 2021, I love these still, can you pls bring these back in the new season
CROATIA 41 Pred 9 urami
un lukey
Cruz Smith
Cruz Smith Pred 9 urami
What about Tiny lachys hide and seek on small version of map
macka Pred 9 urami
I found that same vid and ur comment
Finley Pred 9 urami
can we stop using the word broken cause thats wy epic removes all the fun stuuf
yes Pred 9 urami
I think every solo game except one I have won is with one of the symbiotes it is so op when you are the only with it
Pepijn Pieters
Pepijn Pieters Pred 9 urami
The tumbnail isn't right becausr carnage is bounded with the bloud so he transforms the intire body, but venom just covers the body.
Just Kenobi
Just Kenobi Pred 10 urami
Even as me a star wars fan. I haven't a clue who zori bliss even is
TarzanT543 Pred 10 urami
Lachy is the goat fr, he has inspired me so much in my life and I’m sure plenty of others, and even inspired me to create my own yt channel 🐐🐐
Landen Malman
Landen Malman Pred 10 urami
Hey guys 7 years later restarting this series happy to 😌
faze on yt
faze on yt Pred 10 urami
Golden guns thats a long barrel 22 im 13 and know lol
Z - Z
Z - Z Pred 10 urami
mans disrespected lucky landing and grease
Jake da gr8 !!!!!!!!!!
Jake da gr8 !!!!!!!!!! Pred 10 urami
When double pumping was in the game I was confused when he had two shotguns
Sizzles Pred 10 urami
whats a root canal
Hoobrocks27 Pred 10 urami
At the start of the video he is landing at Moisty Mire and there are 31 people in game??
Rjay Ping
Rjay Ping Pred 10 urami
Lmaoooooo. What a dookie battlepass. 😭😭😂
Cool-Gen Pred 10 urami
This season was lit
hinoki Pred 10 urami
I depresso ngl
Tyrell Morgan
Tyrell Morgan Pred 11 urami
Shadow Hunter
Shadow Hunter Pred 11 urami
Does anyone miss lachlan playing minecraft or is it just me or any other game for that matter except for fortnite
Chitra’s kitchen
Chitra’s kitchen Pred 11 urami
Now shooting on fortnite lol
Itsalizardcraft Pred 11 urami
Me and my friend dped some poor kids with both of the symboites an did 120 damage at an instant
Diemikoto Pred 11 urami
Eu vendo isso aprendendo coisa novas
Jackson plays fn
Jackson plays fn Pred 11 urami
Oddball 14
Oddball 14 Pred 11 urami
Lachy you should play Minecraft with loserfruit
SankeoKunn Pred 11 urami
spotify? :c